Cyber Security: The Framework for Protection

What is Cyber Security? It’s the focus and approach towards protecting computer environments. Cyber security services at a holistic level which includes applications, networks, computers, routers, data, and permissions is all part of the Cyber Security philosophy of protection. “Cyberspace”, a computer network touching internet or intranet, is not only a superhighway of digital information but also a playing ground for cybercriminals. IT security services for years have been overloaded and resource-challenged in delivering higher quality services from this ever-growing problem.

The importance of Cyber Security touches all worlds including business, governments, military, financial institutions, and consumers. Once the convenience of transmitting digital information over a computer network was accepted in society, the need in protecting this became clear. CyberSec cyber security specialistshelps compliment your existing cyber security products and services.

CyberSec gives both real world experience using “Black Hat” breach detection with “White Hat” prevention methodologies on many security levels needed to address a modern day computer environment. CyberSecprovides multiple security disciplines working together for an overall resilient shield of prevention and protection.

Cyber criminals are evolving from single hacker efforts to groups of cyber-criminal clubs. CyberSec experience comes from security professionals as well as previously retired cyber hacker experts to help share the knowledge needed to protect your network and infrastructure environments.

CyberSec Service Offerings:
  • Vulnerability and Risk Assessment Analysis
  • Security Gap Analysis
  • Facility Security Evaluation
  • Penetration Testing
  • IT Security Policy Control Design Review
  • Regulatory Best Practice Planning (HIPAA, PCI-DSS, etc.)
  • Wireless Network Security Assessments
  • Intrusion and Prevention Detection Strategies
  • Encryption Strategy Assessment
  • Cyber Security Agency Case Studies Library
Cyber Security Report Analysis:

Through these service offerings, CyberSec can provide security-hole identification and risk mitigation in cyber security finding reports. We provide both technical and C-level reading formats to help deliver a solid and detailed security dashboard format for all levels of cyber security. Our final security evaluations are comprehensive, with both basic and advanced detail-orientated using risk tolerance rankings, and overall security landscape weaknesses and strengths to help you implement the best security infrastructure, possible.

Cyber Security Response Planning:

Rapid alert and response escalation designing is also available to ensure “live”attacks or incursions are immediately detected, addressed and logged for future quality assurance.

Incident Response Strategies are also important for the attacks which make it through the security framework. A response team must address the incident based on level of impact from the breach. CyberSec can provide post forensic services, but also overall arching escalation plans which can help your response teams manage future security incidents in the long term.>/

Cyber Security: The Security “Reality Check”

As soon as your company’s firewall was turned on, your network has been on constant attack from cybercriminals. This is an unspoken truth that many people do not realize outside of the cyber security industry. Port scanners, attack probing, scamming strategies, all of these attacks touch your network perimeter 24x7x365!

Not only is there hackers-for-profit and hackers-for-thrill attempting to penetrate your defenses, but believe it or not, “state sponsored” hackers as well. Yes, governments employ experienced hackers to identify anything they can find in other countries for potential network weaknesses. It’s not “if” your organization is going to be hacked, but a matter of “when” it will be hacked. CyberSec knows this and offers years of experience working with some of the best cyber security companies, giving assessment evaluations along with a lifecycle plan so you can stay on top this ever changing cyber security challenge.

Reputation Damage:

When security is discovered compromised, and customer data is breached, by law, the company must communicate to their customers the security breach and mitigation plan going forward.

This can be devastating to a corporation’s reputation and stock investors’ confidence. It can cost a business millions of dollars to restore confidence back to its customer and business stake holder’s community. By planning ahead and working with best cyber security companies like CyberSec, your company will have a reputation protection plan.

Cyber Security: Staying Current

Any computer device touching cyberspace as a portal, browser, or in a file share capacity requires to stay up to date with the security patching.

  • Network Security

As secure as a firewall, router, switch, or wireless access points is on a network, it is only as secure as its operating system or security application software is patched. Having updated Cisco ™ IOS security patches is an on-going activity and sometimes can be delayed or even missed due to upgrade complexities that could impact production.

CyberSec uses extensive scanning and device evaluations to insure the security version patching are current and up to date in your network environment.

  • Server Security

Server security must periodically be patched with the latest security patching. Just like the network, delays in patching or missing patching is what all cybercriminals are hoping for. Our scans go against updated version controls from Microsoft ™ Windows, Linux, UNIX, Mac OS, servers and identify any needed security patch or version updates.

  • Workstation Security

A workstation can be a Microsoft ™ Windows PC, Apple ™, or Red Hat ™ Linux OS station. Having the latest security patching is highly important, including Internet Browser patching which comes with the OS. Unfortunately, there are other Internet Browsers available which a user can download and use free of charge, such as Google Chrome ™, Apple ™ Safari, and others which may not be getting thesecurity patching, needed. CyberSec scans help identify this and immediately bring it to the attention to the findings report for support teams to mitigate in the near future.

  • Security Software

Having the latest virus “DAT” file with the most recent virus or spyware attack detection and prevention signatures is extremely important for home or corporatecomputers. Anti-virus software can be on a workstation, server, third-party security appliance, or email security servers.

CyberSec scanning and environment evaluations help identify any out-of-date systems, and ensures the support team’s current update strategy is working, as designed.

  • Business or DatabaseApplications

From Cloud Services, to locally managed ERP or CRM databases, business applications must also have secure environments. Staying current with application security patching, or helping to avoid a SQL Database injection virus attack onto a database requires on-going version and patching attention. These patches can fall behind or are too difficult to implement because their impact on production.

CyberSec works with in-scope applications and database support teams to help mitigate version control weakness and security patching needs.

Cyber Security: Strategies of Protection

  • Cyber Security Assessments

Taking a moment to validate your security environment is extremely important in Cyber Security. Upgrades, patching, configuration changes, or newly implementeddepartment solutions can inadvertently cause security holes or gaps which your organization may not be aware of until it’s too late

CyberSec scanning, system, and process reviews help discover any out-of-date systems.This ensures the technology team’s current update strategy is working, as designed.

  • Cyber Security Procedures Review

Procedure break-downs in process such as employees not following user provisioning instructions can also lead to security break downs. The procedures may be out of date, too difficult to manage, or just not being followed by employees.

CyberSec procedures and control review helps work with your teams to ensure process procedures are in place and up to date for future security support management.

Cyber Security Mitigation

Finding a security issue a head of time is great, but how do you fix the problem in the long term?

Security holes or vulnerabilities can vary. Some could be allowing brute force scripting attacks on a web service, or a weak password policy strategy which can be easily circumvented. Countermeasure strategies with a defense-in-depth layered approach can help mitigate the security issue.

CyberSec reports mitigation advice on all security holes, issues, or gaps identified during its overall assessment review. These recommendations come with real-world balance approaches to ensure you’re getting both the best mitigation advice, possible.

  • Cyber Security Remediation

When security incidents happen, how do you handle it after the fact?

An incident in Cyber Security can be stolen passwords or stolen laptop with company information on the hard drive. How does anorganization manage this after it’s occurred?

CyberSec delivers a remediation plan for all levels of your cyber security center. CyberSec is also available for investigation and forensics review services should the need arise. Digital information compromised, fraud, or asset theft, CyberSec gives you quality remediation services and best practice frameworks.

Why CyberSec as your Expert Cyber Security Service Provider?

CyberSec is aware corporate budgets and resources are at a premium these days. That’s why you won’t find our team of cybersecurity consultants just advising on a singlecyber security system suite and walking away from an engagement.

Our evaluations look for the best design for your infrastructure. CyberSec is one of the best cyber security companies when it comes to strong security validation.

We work closely with you to put into place control policies and procedures which best fit your organization, as well as the plan on how to manage these controls once they are implemented.

CyberSec gives quality-orientatedcyber security service offerings and understands that risk-based architecture is paramount to successful design. From process leaks which allow a user to email a list of customer’s SSN numbers, to a large Denial-of-Service (DoS) hacker group attack, CyberSec delivers quality cyber security consulting services with the best end-to-end solution planning recommendations available leveraging the latest industry standards and years of technology experience.