Email Security: Definition

What is Email Security? Email Security is the technology strategy for protective measures which ensure a safe email messaging experience. This strategy requires a combination of email application security, SPAM filtering, anti-virus protection, and security process control procedures to ensure a safe and secure email environment.

Email authenticity:
  • Identity Validation

Digital identity security with reliable password protection is also very important to validate the original email author’s actual identity. Spoofed emails, (fake users), from automated scripts require constant Spam, Firewall and service filter monitoring needed to watch over these types of email risks.

  • Phishing

Phishing is a preferred hacker’s technique which pretends to be an authentic email. The Phishing email wants to take you to what you think is your service providers such as your credit card company, banking institution, or other websites.

CyberSec identifies these risks and provides quality security assessmentsand recommended email security solutions to help protect user communities from these types of attacks.

Document Attachment Challenges:
  • Virus Carriers

Attached document types such as Microsoft ™ Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or Adobe™ PDF files must also be protected so they do not serve as virus carriers. Hackers can also attach a PHP or Microsoft ™ Windows script attachment which can cause harm to your data on your computer.

  • PII Protection

Federal and state require regulations in safe guarding Personally Identifiable Information (PII) data with strong encryption methods. Regulated emailed content security is needed for data such as birth dates, social security numbers, or user account information must be fully protected. CyberSec evaluates the email infrastructure and identifies vulnerability weaknesses that an email hacker could potentially exploit.

– Current Email Security Threats

Secure collaboration email requires multiple platforms to manage. Secure email application server, operating system, third-party content filtering system, firewall protection, and a person’s computer are layers of security which requires testing, security-hole identifying, and patching on a regular basis.

Potential Email Threats:
Malware attacks URL Link spoofing Infected attachments Scamming
Phishing MIME Spoofing Script attacks Unwanted Spyware

– Testing Email Security Vulnerabilities

Untested email security issues can not only endanger company data, but also impede on productivity as employees spend time to deal with the situation. The protection of corporate email and testing of corporate email security risks has become standard practice for companies requiring regulatory audit reviews. CyberSec provides quality testing procedure techniques for small, medium, and enterprise email security organizations.

– Healthcare (HIPAA) Email retention

The Health Insurance Portability Accounting Act requires security email retention policies for companies managing qualified PII user data. Security email retention must have policies and procedures put into place which all employees must adhere to, if the email system cannot provide an acceptable automated control. CyberSec can provide process management strategies working with both your legal and IT support departments which best fits your organization’s security compliance needs.

– Email Security Encryption

Many companies working with their banks, financial institutions, or database cloud providers will require guaranteed encrypted email transmissions for the strongest confidentiality, possible. Solutions such as PGP, OpenPGP, or public key certificate of authority strategies can provide this level of security. When it comes to advanced email security strategies like this, CyberSec is the preferred expertise-of-choice to help architect and plant your email security encryption needs.

– Why do you need a leading email security consultant?

Just installing an email security server is not enough to fully protect your organization from the modern day hacker community. Single solution email security companies may not be the only answer to your security-challenged budget.

CyberSec can help provide the security strategy your organization needs to ensure end-to-end email security. With years of real-world experience in email security, we can help keep your company the safe and secure email platform infrastructure it needs to manage your day-to-day business correspondence tasks, with confidence.